My little brother. 17 years old, severely autistic and just generally mentally disabled. He goes to a special school and lives with 3 other disabled children: G, L and R. Went to pick up him and his friends from a school dance.

The party ended at 9.30. Hardcore. But it doesn’t matter. To these kids the party is a huge thing.

G, who is prone to really scary seizures because of her epilepsy, came out first. Tomato red. She had been dancing all night, the teachers told me. I asked G if everything was alright. ‘Yes.’ was her answer as she jumped up and down. 

'Did you have fun? Who did you dance with?' I asked.

'I danced with T. She also has diseases.' G answered.


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My Endless List Of Favourite Films // Death At A Funeral (2007)

“You can’t fight what we had together.”

“Justin, it was one night! It was a massive mistake! I was drunk out of my mind! You could have been a donkey!”

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Nina Dobrev - TIFF Potrait

Nina Dobrev - TIFF Potrait

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‘Would You Rather’ With Beau Mirchoff (2/4)

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